Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27/10 - Letter to the World

As of now, Elder Denton II didn't send anything that I'm aware of, other than the following pictures. We'll see if he happened to send his letter to the world to his mom when she gets home. If there's something there, I'll update you. Otherwise, go to his blog (eldercodydenton.blogspot.com) to see the pictures he sent today.

Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/10 - Letter to the World

Tutni Yamni!

For those of you who don´t know, last week I got to go to Managua for a multi-zone conference. We flew there on Tuesday and everything started the next morning. We had the opportunity to hear from President Arredondo, Elder Clark, and their wives. It was an incredible experience! Our whole zone went, expecting to be told the we´re not working hard enough, but that wasn´t the case. The entire conference was incredibley spiritual, uplifting, and motivational. Elder Clark asked us if we truely believed that we had the potential to be Gods and Godesses. After a positive response, he then started explaining that if we have the potential to be Gods and Godesses, there is nothing that we can´t do. If we set a goal to teach 50 lessons in a week, and we pray for help and guidance, we can do it.

We can do ANYTHING! It just takes faith. When we have faith, the Holy Ghost is with us. When the Holy Ghost is with us, we´re unstoppable!

Never get disanimated [discouraged]. When we´re disanimated, we´re doubting. When we´re doubting, we´re not showing faith.

In La Misión Nicaragua Managua Norte, each missionary is aloud to be disanimated for 5 minutes per transfer, but only with special permision. We have to ask permision from our mission president who has to ask permission from the area president. IF the area president gives us permission, we have 5 minutes and we have to be disanimated in the bathroom, so we don´t affect our companions.

Well! Those are some things that I´ve learned this past week. I hope it helps you to realize how powerful we are when we have the Holy Spirit with us.

Have a great week.
Kli wal praubia,
Elder Denton II

Monday, September 13, 2010

9/13/10 - Letter to the World

Buenas Tardes South Jordan/Argentina/Pennsylvania/etc.

I have some excellent news! On Saturday we baptized 2 sisters: Magdalena and Lorenda. It is so nice to be back on the ball. There was something about the last transfer that knocked our whole zone out of wack, but I think we´re finally getting back on track. Magdalena and Lorenda are 13 and 12 and they have incredible faith, just like their sister, Lorena, who we baptized about a month ago. Lorena is the only member of the family that speaks Spanish, so she translates for the rest of her family. It something so simple, but so helpful for EVERYBODY. It helps us as missionaries to share the message and at the same time, learn a little bit of Miskitu. It helps Lorena because when you translate, you have to really process the meaning of what you´re translating. Lastly it helps the rest of the family because learning from a family member is a lot easier than two random strangers walking around Lamlaya with ties. What at first seemed like an inconvenience ended up being a great blessing for all of us!

Margeni was called to be a primary teacher, which I´m way excited for. She´s got the perfect attitude and personality for it.

Before I log off today, I just want to remind all of you how real and how powerful the Priesthood is. It´s an amazing gift that God has given us to do his work here on the Earth. Just like prayer and fasting, the Priesthood shouldn´t be used as a last resort. If God didn´t want us to use it, he wouldn´t have given it to us. If you ever feel like you need a Priesthood blessing, ask for one, I´ve never met a Priesthood holder that didn´t want to give a blessing!

I want you all to have a fantastic week...don´t let me down :)

Love you all
Elder Denton

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Monday!
Wow! Sometimes you just need to sleep in! It seems like P-days always come just in the nick of time!
As Elder Amaya and I have been working with the same investigators for the past little while, I don´t have anything new and exciting to mention. This week we´re going to go out searching for new people, which should bring about some good stories!
Yesterday was really rainy, so asistance [attendance] in the church was chupazo (sucky). I did one baptism on Satuday, but it wasn´t really mine. There was a girl from Caminante (another district) and she was really nervous about getting baptized, so the missionaries asked her ´¿Who do you want to baptized you?´ and she pointed at me and said ´Miriki´ (translation: gringo). Before I baptized her I got to get to know her a little bit and she ended up being really cool, pilas, just a little nervous. The next day, Sunday, I got to confirm her a member of the church!
It´s really awesome going to the different baptism ceremonies! I hadn´t ever noticed how simple and short they were, but at the same time, so powerful!
OH! I DO have a little bit of news...if I didn´t already tell you. Ramón, Jorge and Felipe were ordained Preists. Jorge was also ordained an Elder which is really exciting! I´m still searching for pictures to send out to you guys. When I lost my blue camera I lost my MTC experience and the beginning of the life in the mish. I´m going to ask some MTC roomates to see if they´ll send me some.
My sister, Whitney, sent out a letter today which said - ´I've decided to stop drinking milk to help me better empathize with those that are trying to overcome addictions to join the church.´ - At first I just chuckled a little bit, but then I realized that I did something similar with Elder Burrows. We didn´t stop drinking milk, because that´s not too tough for me, but I had a TON of bug bites that itched liked crazy. Every time it started to itch we would think of our investigator who was having problems with cigarettes, and not itch it. It sounds a little weird, but it really helped us to understand how hard it can be to quit addictions.
One more thing and I´m out: There are witches in Lamlaya!
Okay, time´s up. I gotta go look for a machete and a bike.
Have a great week!! - Love you all!! - I do recieve pouch mail now and hand written letters are awesome...just sayin´
Elder Denton!