Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Monday, September 13, 2010

9/13/10 - Letter to the World

Buenas Tardes South Jordan/Argentina/Pennsylvania/etc.

I have some excellent news! On Saturday we baptized 2 sisters: Magdalena and Lorenda. It is so nice to be back on the ball. There was something about the last transfer that knocked our whole zone out of wack, but I think we´re finally getting back on track. Magdalena and Lorenda are 13 and 12 and they have incredible faith, just like their sister, Lorena, who we baptized about a month ago. Lorena is the only member of the family that speaks Spanish, so she translates for the rest of her family. It something so simple, but so helpful for EVERYBODY. It helps us as missionaries to share the message and at the same time, learn a little bit of Miskitu. It helps Lorena because when you translate, you have to really process the meaning of what you´re translating. Lastly it helps the rest of the family because learning from a family member is a lot easier than two random strangers walking around Lamlaya with ties. What at first seemed like an inconvenience ended up being a great blessing for all of us!

Margeni was called to be a primary teacher, which I´m way excited for. She´s got the perfect attitude and personality for it.

Before I log off today, I just want to remind all of you how real and how powerful the Priesthood is. It´s an amazing gift that God has given us to do his work here on the Earth. Just like prayer and fasting, the Priesthood shouldn´t be used as a last resort. If God didn´t want us to use it, he wouldn´t have given it to us. If you ever feel like you need a Priesthood blessing, ask for one, I´ve never met a Priesthood holder that didn´t want to give a blessing!

I want you all to have a fantastic week...don´t let me down :)

Love you all
Elder Denton

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