Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Monday, July 19, 2010

7/19/10 - Letter to the World

Here are a few side-notes to Elder Denton's letter:
1. The stomach issues that he speaks of below lasted about 36 hours.

2. The investigators only have to attend church 1 time (and pass their interview) before they can be baptized.

3. His meeting with the "native" to learn the Miskutu language went well, but since he didn't really know how to TEACH the language, that was the biggest challenge.

4. As you see in the pictures, they took a plane ride to his area of about 1 hour. Even recently they bussed back and forth (a 20 hour ride) until a bus turned over with some missionaries in it because the roads are so bad. He heard that the mission president will be flying out for zone conferences.

5. They do pay for somebody to wash their clothes and feed them.

Good Evening World!!!

I wish I had more time to tell you about all the things that have happened this week, but time has escaped me! I´ll just touch on some of the most memorable things!

On Saturday I had my first baptism!!!...3 of them actually! Jorge Lee and his daughter Darci, along with their neighbor, Alfadelia Wilson! We showed up here in Lamlaya and they were just ready to hear the Gospel and change their lives! My companions confirmed them members of the church yesterday in Sacrament meeting! Jorge´s wife, Diana, and kids are planning on being baptized too, but we just need to teach them a few more things first!

There are still just sooo many people that are ready and willing to hear the Gospel. Are day is so full of teaching people that we don´t have time to go out and contact, which is a problem. We´ll need to start condensing our lessons a bit so we can get to more people in a day!

Question! - How many times does the average human poo a day??? - Not 17! I can tell you that much! Turns out that the people weren´t joking when they said that gringos had a rough time getting used to the food and water here. I thought I was going to die, but I´m all better now! Luckily that is in the past!

I have some pictures attached. I hope you like them! If you don´t, I´ll try to take better ones this week...well, I´ve gotta go out for Ice cream! Jealous? Don´t be...Rum and raisin ice cream is one of the more popular flavors here :S

Have a FANTASTIC week!!! Love you all

Elder Denton II

OH!!! And just in case you were wondering! I´m a MASTER at taking shower´s with a bucket of water!...freezing...cold...water!

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