Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6/22/10 - Letter to the World

(I can't use the enter key) Hello World! - I absolutely love it here! The spirit is always here and it isn't hard to find. The teachers are amazing at what they do, and the influences and experiences of the other elders really helps. My companions name is Elder Dearden and he will be serving in chile after this MTC experience. He is a great guy who has a tooon of knowledge of everything it seems. I think he's a history major. We share are room with Elder Alvarado and Elder Gonzalez. Alvarado is from Florida and has the strongest testimony in the gospel that I've ever seen. He is a recent convert and it's not hard to see that he truly loves everything about this Gospel. He will serve in El Salvador. Elder Gonzalez is from California and he will be serving in Chile. He also has a great testimony and is learning a lot here, just like me. He hurt himself when we were playing soccer yesterday, and today has to use crutches. Times up. See you guys next week. - I'll tell you about the amazing spanish we use here, it's hilarious. Love you all and thanks for you support! The Gospel's true and God loves you! ~ Elder Cody Denton


  1. That's great friend!! I'm happy for the good times..!

    att: Emerson R.

  2. fantastic! :) i'm happy for you!! good luck coody!

    att. Piero Puccinelli :)

  3. hey, dude. I didn't say goodbye for u.
    anyway, u seem happy. that's nice.
    much luck for u. I'll try to follow the blog and see what u are doing there.
    take care, dude.

    ur brazilian friend,

    Diêgo Lôbo