Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/25/10 - A Hand Written Letter Home

Mom & Dad,
Thanks for all of the letters. (We have family/friends write letters before they leave to the MTC and stuff them into different nooks and crannies in their suitcase...we did this for Kyle too.  Whitney may be on to us when she leaves Sept 1st!)  It's fun to see all the other Elders jealous when they don't get anything.  When you want to send me blog stuff, plese do it through dearelder.com.  My 30 minutes isn't enough to read through everything.  Remember that I can receive dearelder.com stuff all week long, so don't be shy.  I'd like a dearelder.com on how mom is doing if you have some time.  I really do love it here and I am bless to be in my district.  I ran out of time on the computer today so you can add anything from this letter to that.  I am in the advanced Spanish class.  Tomorrow I will go to try and work out travel plans.  I've only met 1 other elder going to Nicaragua, but he's not in my zone or anything.  In my class we only speak Spanish.  There are a good amount of natives in my district which makes for great practice as they're great people.  We think we are the biggest district ever in the MTC.  We now have 18 students with 2 more Sisters wanting to join.  We are STUFFED in the classroom as it is.
Most of the Latinos in our class lived in South/Central America, but ended up here in the States, so we have quite a few Spanglish phrases.  Sister Mercader said a phrase in Spanish about going to lunch, but she said Lunch in english and the whole class started cracking up, so now we often make fun of her for it, but tactfully.
Funny story!  We did an intense exercise on the first day we got here.  We were given an investigator to convert and we were having a pretty hard time.  I looked over to the corner, saw some guys with tags, and thought <> - I felt pretty stupid, but I thought it was funny.
All the teachers here have a double identity.  They're a teacher and also a fake investigator.  They're great actors, really quite fantastic.  We study alot and we pray alot...I love it!
I saw Jordan Madsen today...Just saying!  Oops - Elder Madsen!

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