Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/10 - Letter to the World

Sent at about 8:00am today:
Do I need anything? - Line of authority please. Have I been able to get everything I need from the MTC store? Yeah, they're pretty stocked. I got a children's song book in spanish!!! Did I have to get more shots? NO, thank goodness! What times are my meals? 7:30/12:30/5:30 Did I get assigned to the advanced class? Yes, with all the natives....scary. Do you have a new off to Nicaragua date? I sure do! July 5. I have to be at travel services at 3 AM. Crazy, eh? How's the food? Hit and miss - some is fantastic, other sends you to the bathroom. What are the activities I do for exercise? Volleyball, soccer, baseball. The laundry room is just a giant laundry mat, you have to pay for soap, fabric softeners, and the machines, but it just deducts from the 6 dollars they put on our blue card every week. I'll write more thank you's today. I'll be back later to write a letter to the world. Love you all!!!!

Sent at around 9:40AM today:
Good Morning! How are all of you doing? I have a lot to say, and only 11 minutes to say it so here I go! Since the Provo temple is closed, we thought that we were going to be bused to the Timpanogus Temple to be able to do a session, but we were told on Sunday that it wasn't going to happen. They've done it before, but since there are so many people here at the beginning of the Summer, it's just not possible. We talk 100% Spanish in my classes which I really enjoy, but we have some native speakers that have been living in the USA for some time now so we have some pretty funny things said, like "A que hora vamos a Lunch". We all just crack up when stuff like that happens, I love it! I don't remember if I already mentioned it, but the first day that we were here we did an exercise with an "Investigator" as a full room of missionaries, I was really focused on the activity, but then I looked over and saw 2 Elders with their tags on and thought "Hey! The missionaries are here!!!" then I realized that we were all missionaries and felt a bit dumb. I got to meet my mission president and his wife on Friday! I already love them both! They are from Guatemala and I think I'm going to be there first missionary. I got my itinerary and as they thought I was going to be in the beginning spanish class (like the rest of the kids going to Nicaragua) I don't have anyone else going with me when I leave. So I'm the only one in my Travel Group. I have to be to travel services at 3 AM and then I'll leave SLC at 6. At 9:35 I get to Texas and I'll leave at 12:35. I get to Florida at 4:35 and leave to Nicaragua at 6:50. I should get there at 7:30. Sooo excited! I snailmailed my Pday schedule home so you can see what a Pday is like here. We got our cleaning inspections back and they told us that our room was Telestial :( - Two people in our room aren't the most organized people I know. I won't say who, but it's not me or Elder Alvarado! I heard something funny from the MTC President. He said that once the Beginning spanish kids leave to the field, they will speak a BEAUTIFUL..........C+ Spanish. That made me laugh! They are going to be launching a new Mormon..org on July 7th which is supposed to be really cool! I'm excited to see how that reaches out to different people around the world. I love being here! The spirit is so strong and the people are here because they have a desire to serve the Lord. In being here I have definately seen how God loves us sooo much and that we need to do all that we can to show our love for him. Love you all! Have a good week - Elder Denton........can I get my oil vile sent???

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