Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Monday, August 16, 2010

8/16/10 - Letter to the World

The beachside missionary house Elder Denton, Ramon, Feliz, Elder Burrows, Derkin, Rogelio

Elder Burrows, Margini, Justin, Elder Denton

WORLD! Good Afternoon!

I´m glad to have the opportunity to write a few things until my comp tells me that my times up. I´ll start with Baptisms!

Araseli and Maima are two sisters that were baptized on Saturday. They´re both very humble and enjoy going to church every week. I think they´ve been going ever since we got here! Their parents aren´t quite as interested, but we´re working with them. They [work?] every day until late, so it´s hard to find time to teach them and they haven´t gone to church at all...I´ll keep working on ´em!

Felix was baptized on Sunday. He was kind of a surprise for me. I hadn´t ever even realized that he had been going to church, but apparently he had! He told us that he wanted to get baptized and we weren´t going to stop him! It´s incredible how the spirit can touch people so strongly in such a short time! That´s one of the most incredible things that I´ve learned here on my mission.

I think I´ve already mentioned Ramon. He´s as pilas as Felipe! He loves reading the Book of Mormon and is sitting there reading just about every time we go to visit him. He wanted to know EVERYTHING before he was baptized, which is good, but it gives Satan a lot of time to work! Our district leader came to talk to him and helped him realize that if we have even just a simple testimony of Joseph Smith we already know enough to be sure that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. He was baptized on Sunday with his son, Derkin. Derkin´s friend, Rogelio, was also baptized. Since it´s such a small community, everybody knows each other. It´s really interesting to see how diferent people react when they find out that someone got baptized.

Alina was the last one! She´s another relative of Felipe! Their whole family is pilas! Every single one of them! Alina told us up front that she wasn´t going to get baptized, but we knew that she had a testimony of the church...a strong one! We kept talking to her of the importance of following the example of Christ and of following the commandments. Yesterday at church Elder Burrows talked to her for a few minutes and she decided that it would be the right choice to make! I was thrilled we I got the thumbs up! She was baptized yesterday and her family was really excited to hear about it!

Well, I gotta attach some pics and head out. Thanks for the support, love, and prayers. I love and appreciate you all!


Elder Denton II

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