Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Monday, August 9, 2010

8/9/10 - Letter to the World

Good Afternoon!!!

How are you all doing? (I´m asking everyone...not only the 7-8 people that have been writing me) I hope that you are all having a good summer! It´s coming to a close quickly!

Today I was reading through some letters and it struck me how fast time is moving while I´m here focussing on my little Lamlaya! It´s awesome to hear all of the different things that are happening!!! My Mom finishing chemo!! My sister going on a mission!! My Dad´s ´hijos preferidos´ have started laying eggs!! And chaz...chaz got a ticket (¿bad news is better than no news?)

The people here are great and we are hoping to have a lot of baptisms this week, but I need to talk about the last people we baptized so I don´t get too far behind! Orby, Merlin, and Alexander were all baptized 2 Saturdays ago. They are a humble family and really receptive to the message of the Gospel. Merlin is the only one that speaks Spanish well, but when we go with a translator, we can tell that they understand. We set up a wedding for Merlin and Alexander and they were married a day before their baptism. Here we don´t have to ´sacar fechas´ like they do in Kyle´s area. We just call up the lawyer and tell him to come over for a wedding. Merlin is gonna have her first baby soon so I´m glad that they were able to hear the Gospel early so they can start building their family on good principles.

MARJINI GOT BAPTIZED!!! Marjini is Felipe´s daughter! She´s awesome! She hears a lot of rumors about our church in the community, but she always sets people straight when she hears them! I had the opportunity to baptize her on Thursday and she was confirmed on Sunday by Elder Burrows!

I really have seen so many blessing here in Lamlaya and althought there are a lot of things trying to slow us down, we´re not going to let it disanimate us. I know we´re on the Lord´s side and he will take care of us. Being away from my family and looking back, it´s so easy to see how this Gospel has blessed my family. There are so many blessings that I had that I didn´t think twice about. I love teaching families here because I can picture how they´re going to change and how they can be such firm members in the Church. When I tell them about the blessings that I had in my family and about the blessing that they will see in theirs if they follow Christ I feel the Spirit so strongly! Families really are ordained by God and are such a blessing in our lives...I wish I would´ve realized that earlier.

Well, It´s time for me to take off. I have other people to talk about, but mejor next week!

I love you all and I appreciate all of your support and love.

Until next weekElder Denton II

OH!...this week I learned that I spent the first 2 weeks washing myself with laundry soap. Elder Burrows asked me to get the laundry soap and I had no idea what he was talking about and he said ¨that pink bar of soap in the bathroom¨. I felt retarded, but that´s how we learn, I guess! I´ve now returned to my regular soap usage!

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