Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Monday, August 30, 2010

8/30/10 - Letter to the World

Elder Denton with some turtles just before they were prepared for somebodies dinner!

I´m back!

Last week I was having some technical difficulties and only ended up with enough time to write my family. Today I got a letter informing me that you guys don´t even know who my new companion is! Geez are you behind!!! My new companion is Elder Amaya. He´s from El Salvador and I think he´s 22, his birthday was yesterday. He´s very animated and outgoing when it comes to teaching the gospel, which is great. He has a ton to teach me and I´m more than willing to learn!

I feel like I´m getting a lot more comfortable teaching the Gospel to people. In my first change I just taught right out of Preach My Gospel. This change, I want to change it up a bit. My goal is to FIRST find the needs of the people, and SECOND teach from Preach My Gospel according to the needs of the people. That´s something that Elder Burrows was teaching me when he left and I´m finally starting to see the real importance of it. The Gospel that we teach is such a miracle because it helps EVERYBODY - our job is to find out what the people need, and show them how applying the teachings of Christ will benefit them.

Tonight is Family Home Evening! Don´t forget it! Mondays is one of my favorite days here in the mission field because we get to do FHE with the investigators/recent converts. It´s fun to see them study up on a topic and then teach it to their family, it lets them know that they can learn about the Scriptures even when the missionaries aren´t at their house.

Random: Today my Mom told me that survivor was going to be in Nicaragua this year and it kind of made me feel like Tarzan...but just for a minute...then I remembered that this last week I learned how to open a coconut with my mouth...and I felt like Tarzan for another minute. It´s kind of crazy here - if you see something on a tree that looks good, you can just pull it off and eat it...unless someone owns the tree...if someone owns the tree they get mad.

Well, I think that´s about all I have to tell you for this week. It´s almost time to head back to Lamlaya and ¨poner las pilas¨ so we can get people ready to be baptized on Saturday.

OH! One more thing I remembered. Last week I gave my first lesson in ¡English! to a lady that only speaks English and Miskitu. It was pretty amazing (if I do say so myself), but it´s a bit embarassing when you start to forget your own language. When you´re teaching about the structure of the church, there are certain words you don´t want to forget (ex. preisthood, scriptures, etc.)....my bad.

ALSO!!! Yesterday I said my first prayer in Miskitu! I hardly know any Miskitu, so it was really short and simple, but I did it!

Well, That´s my news! I hope that you are all having as much fun as I am!

Love you all,
Elder C. Denton

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  1. I don't know how I feel about those turtles...