Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/15/10 - Letter to the World

New Companion, Elder Cordero with Elder Denton
What the heck do you think he ate to puff up like this, with hives? I'm thinking it may have been shellfish. It happened to me when I was his age.

Hey World!!Who´s pumped for ANOTHER change here in Puerto Cabezas? I know I am! The Nicaragua Managua North Mission had changes last Wednesday, and Elder Denton was not part of it. I am the only missionary in the mission that has never gone to a reuniĆ³n de cambios (¿change meeting?). Something that did change though, is my comp. This change I´m going to be working with Elder Cordero! He´s a tico (person from Costa Rica) that has about 8 months here in the mission. He´s super pilas and has a really important task here in Puerto!I imagine that all of you who follow missionary blogs have heard of a ¨new doctrine¨ or ¨new teachings¨ or maybe ¨new focus on the Gospel¨. I don´t know how they say it in English, but it´s pretty new and has everything to do with teaching 100% with the spirit. I think nearly all, if not all of the missionaries in the field have already received this capacitation, except for Puerto Cabezas. The church, in it´s organized form, is an hour-long flight away from Puerto which impedes us from having the most updated news/capacitations. The capacitater of these new teachings arrived to Puerto last Thursday and it just so happens to be my new comp!President Arredondo (mission president) told us that the capacitator was going to be the missionary that applied it best, so I´m super excited to learn first hand how it all works!A little bit of bad news...I´m allergic to something here in Puerto and I don´t know what it is. A few days ago I broke out in hives all over my body and my lips swelled up pretty bad. That was the day after I was up until midnight puking. Oh well, it´s all part of the experience and I´m loving it!For the rest of the month, although we need to keep focussing on retention, are going to pick back up on baptisms and I´m stoked for that! I love seeing the instant change that it makes in people´s lives when they recognize the laws of God and start living by them.Well, that´s what I have for you this week, be pilas and don´t let Satan get you down!Elder Denton II

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