Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Sunday, November 7, 2010

11/1/10 - Letter to the World

Elder Denton didn't send a letter to the world, that I'm aware of. With three missionaries hitting our email account all on the same day we have been having technical difficulties getting all of the emails...especially when they include pictures. We are working on resolving that for tomorrow's next wave. Here are some excerpts of what he wrote me...I think it is safe enough to share with everybody to give a flavor of how he's doing.

I´m trying to send/organize pics and write a ton of people today, so I´m a little scattered.Thanks for the ´little gem´! That´s really tight...and true! Last week I started reading the book of mormon from the start in spanish. I´ve read parts and sections, but I want to go all the way through it, there are plenty of things that I don´t understand, but I ask my companion and he helps me understand who´s doing what to who and why. Even in reading the BOM in English I never really got it, so this time I´m going through without moving onto the next chapter until I´ve understand the preceeding chapter. The questions that I´ve asked my comp have really brought us closer together!I thouroghly love this opportunity to serve this people. I get frusterated and discouraged until it nearly brings me to tears, but I absolutely love it because I know that it´s the truth and I know that it´s exactly what my Heavenly Father wants me to be doing.Thanks for your support and your quotes always! They´re always very inspiring and just what I need...or just what another missionary needs. ex. Elder Johnson, who has 3 months here in the mission, just got a new comp that also has only 3 months. Yesterday he was way stressed because his mission dad hadn´t ever taught him how to be a missionary...he just did everything for him. Now that his dad is gone, he has a ton of responsibilities and he´s not sure which are more important or how to accomplish them. I´m gonna share that scripture that you gave me with him.

[Guides to Courage and Strength
"At the moment, these four guides—prayer, obedience to God's commandments, daily scripture study, and a commitment to follow the living prophet—may seem like small and simple things. Let me remind you of the scripture found in Alma: 'Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass' (Alma 37:6). When applied in our everyday lives, these four 'small and simple' guides from the book of Joshua will combine to provide the most powerful source of courage and strength there is: faith in our Heavenly Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ."
Ann M. Dibb, "Be of Good Courage," Ensign, May 2010, 116 ]
My favorite that you´ve sent so far was the one about Repentance that talked about a guy in a marathon. That was tuanĂ­simo.Well...That´s all I have to say for now. Love you tons!!Elder Denton II

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