Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22/10 - Letter to the World

Good Afternoon, my family!!!
Buenas tardes, mi familia!!!
Tutni yamni, familiki!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I know it´s a few days early, but I hope it gets you all thinking about all of the things that you are grateful for! The gringos here in Puerto Cabezas are doubly grateful this year, because we wrongly celebrated it last Thursday. Turns out that since the Pilgrams didn´t land here in Nicaragua, they don´t celebrate Thanksgiving and we were convinced that it was the 3rd Thursday of November. Oh well, One more holiday! It´s incredible to think that Christmas is already on it´s way - it´s hard to accept when there isn´t any snow on the ground and there aren´t Christmas lights up on the houses. ¡¡BUT!!!, good news!:
In Puerto Cabezas I haven´t seen kleenex - only snot rockets...gross!

In Puerto Cabezas I haven´t seen skittles - only mamones, a little fruit that´s actually pretty good
In Puerto Cabezas I haven´t seen running, heated water - only coffee makers to heat water for a bucket-bath

BUT LAST MONDAY I BOUGHT EGGNOG! My comp showed me a drink called ¨rompope¨ and as soon I realized that the translation was eggnog, I was jumpin´ up and down!

This last Saturday my comp and I had two baptisms, a father and a son. They´re both named Delfino. We had a bit of a hard time finding them on Saturday (the dad went hunting and the son left to the market all day), but in the end we had a really nice service for the both of them. As the baptismal service was getting closer and closer, I kept asking myself if he was really ready, if we had done everything we could to prepare him to take such an important step. After the baptism I asked him how he felt and he said, ¨ahora, sí, estoy feliz!¨. He was ready! I think he is going to be a great example for his son and his son, likewise, a great example for his father.

Something that I realized this last week is that on my mission, I make a lot of lists. I have lists of investigators (vicenta, ricardo, etc...), lists of recent converts (felipe, delfino, etc...), lists of things to write on monday (baptism, eggnog, lists, etc...), lists of movies that pop into my head that I need to watch in 20ish months (mrs. doubtfire, aladdin, etc...), etc... I think my the end of my mission I´m going to be all listed out!

Well...I wrote too much and it´s time to take off. Have a great week, eat a lot of turkey, keep an alka seltzer handy, and tell brother devey to take it easy at the turkey bowl.

Love you all

Les quiero todosSutra mai wantsna, Elder Denton II

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