Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Sunday, August 7, 2011

01/10/11 - Letter to the World

Good Afternoon-

Well, I´m in the same boat as the other Elder Denton today. Not sure exactly where to start. Not a ton happened this last week, so I´m going to keep it short and not babble on.

Yesterday we didn´t have our 5 investigators at church, but we did in fact have 2. Juana (¡¡¡again!!!) and Juan.

  • Juana has had 2 Sundays at church now and is so cool! I absolutely love her personality. She has a baptismal date for the 15th (this Saturday) and I think that she will be more than ready! We went and had a *noche de hermanamiento at her house on Tuesday and we taught the Restoration! Afterwards we played a game and everyone was really excited about the whole activity. We challenged everyone that night to start reading the Book of Mormon our plan is to go back every week for *noche de hermanamiento to teach the main story of what he should have read. When we showed up yesterday to bring her to church, she told us that she was ready for church, but that she wasn´t going to be ready on the 15th. We reassured her that there is still time to get ready and that if she prays and reads the Book of Mormon, that everything will be okay!

  • Juan is the brother of a less active that we found this last week, Franklin. They are both really funny and smart young men, but they just haven´t found time for church recently. I´m not sure why Juan didn´t get baptized when Franklin did, but we´re going to work with him so that he can have the same blessings that his older brother has. When we showed up to their house they kept offering us things: starfruit, a coconut, peanuts...I´m not sure what that was about, but it was certainly nice of them.
Well, other than that I don´t have much to say. Enjoy your week, pray always, and do your home teaching!

Love y´all - Elder Denton II

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