Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dear World,

el 22 de junio


In order to make up for the lack of information in last week´s letter to the world, I´m gonna go journal style again. It seems to be the only way I can remember what we do throughout the week. Yesterday (21-06) we were in Matagalpa in meetings all morning. We talked a lot about getting our priorities in order and using our time wisely. Our mission president had an amazing revelation lately that´s really helping the entire mission be more successful. Everyone is helping everyone reach the baptismal goals in the first week of the month so that the rest of the month can be stress-free family finding time. Our zone´s goal for this Friday is to have three families with baptismal dates for the second of July, that has received lesson one, and has committed to go to church on Sunday. That leaves us today and tomorrow!


Today we found two new families and put a baptismal date with another. One of the news is really cool and is the next-door neighbor of Freddy, my first convert here in La Dalia

el 23 de junio

¡Puchica! I´ve never had so many lessons with members in all my mission! Today was a day of miracles. We left early in the morning to contact a reference with a member. We taught lesson one and they´re going to church on Sunday. Afterwards we went to teach a lady lesson one and she had a friend with her. They both understood everything that was taught and when we finished, the friend was willing to give the closing prayer. Two doors down we met María, who has a husband that she wants us to teach! We taught lesson one and we´ll go back on Sunday to teach the husband. After ¨Noche de hermanamiento¨ we went to talk to a member that hasn´t shown up to meetings lately and she had a friend there. The first thing she said was, ¨My friend is going to go to English classes with me...and she wants to be baptized.¨ FO´ REALZ? Yup! Tight, huh? I love days like these. We work hard and we can see the immediate results...and the long term results (el bautismo) shouldn´t be too far off now!

el 25 de junio

Yesterday I wasn´t able to write because the power went out and we didn´t have money to buy candles. I don´t know how we made it home without slipping and sliding everywhere because it was raining like crazy. Today and yesterday my comp and I have had our eyes opened to the fact that God takes care of His missionaries. For the last fourish days we´ve been running off of zero money. We ran out and there´s not a bank here to take out more. Investigators have been randomly inviting us to their houses to eat (which isn´t very normal here) and they have no idea about our situation. We have also been blessed with a ton of references!!! Friends and family of various investigators that really seem like they´re going to progress. I love the pool of investigators that I have right now! They´re more pilas than the members. I hope that doesn´t mean I have changes all of the sudden.

el 26 de junio

Today wansn´t too exciting. 18 people showed up to church today - highest attendance of the month. Four investigators showed up, all of which were references- ¡YES! We visited María again after church with her husband and with Freddy! We taught lesson one and the hermano was super doubtful - we told him to start asking any question that he had and we answered a TON, every question being asked slyly as if it would be the question to stump us. Afterwards I asked if any of the questions had been left unanswered or unclear. He said humbly, ¨no¨ and we closed with testimonies and a closing prayer. It´s so comforting to know that we´re part of the truth. We´re not here to settle for a church that teaches a gospel similar to that which Christ left, sino the church that Christ left!


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