Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Sunday, August 7, 2011

01/17/11 - Letter to the World

4 Investigators at church yesterday!!! The change is winding down here, but things are heating up in Momotombo. It´s so fantastic to see people progressing. On Saturday, Juana was baptized and was really excited about the whole experience. We had a nice service in the ocean and then was confirmed the next day. During the sacrament meeting a member of the Stake High Council spoke about temples. I realized that now that all of Juana´s family are members, in one year they can go to the temple to be sealed - ¡Tight! - Either tonight or tomorrow we´ll go teach them about the importance of temples. That´s one thing that I especially like teaching. what greater blessing than to know that we can live with our families for the eternities? In the presence of God and Jesus Christ! I love the opportunity to teach and preach happiness!

Juan showed up to church again yesterday along with three investigators (siblings) that we contacted that same morning. We´re going to be working with Juan to get him baptized this month. EXCITING!

Sidenote - When we were on our way back from Juana´s baptism, we all shoved into our branch president´s pick-up truck and took off. Turns out there are legit policemen in Nicaragua and they pulled us over because we weren´t being safe. They wanted to take President´s license away and fine us, but he talked the police out of it!!! He started telling them how we were on the Lord´s errand and that we were coming from a baptism and that instead of pulling us over to fine us, they should have pulled us over to thank us because we´re making the world a better place. Awesome, right?!?...and I thought Nicaragua Police only took money bribes!!

Love you all,

Elder Denton II

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