Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Sunday, August 7, 2011

03/28/11 - Letter to the World

Hello World!

This last week we had a baptism!! Yesterday in the morning we baptized Fredy Torres, who is the husband of a recent convert, Ingri. They´re a young couple that is really quite impressive! Fredy works in construction and Ingri is a stay at home wife. In Nicaragua, the average full-time salary is not nearly what it is in the US. He told us that after a month of working, he had enough to buy the food necessary to live and nothing else. He said that it didn´t even leave them enough for a pair of socks. They live in a little wood house with a cardboard divider to make two rooms. The impressive thing about them is that they live to serve God! They told us how there was a time when they had absolutely nothing, and the little house that they live in now is huge blessing from God. In order to repay Him, they are always looking for opportunities to help out with the little that they had. Two weeks ago they invited a homeless family to stay with them while the Dad worked to get some starting money. They put up another divider made out of plastic garbage bags and somehow 5 people lived in a house the size of the room my comp and I share. Last week this couple did something for us missionaries that really touched me. We were passing by the house one night to teach Fredy and after teaching, somehow they knew that we hadn´t had dinner. Ingri asked if we wanted something to eat and my heart sank. In Nicaragua it´s really offensive to not accept food - especially from poor people (they assume it´s not good enough for us and feel super bad). My comp and I knew that if we ate, they would give us the best of what they had and they would probably skip a meal to make up for it. We accepted the food and we ate more than we´d ever seen on their plates before.

On Sunday I gave a talk on Charity. This family is a spectacular example of charity, giving everything that they can to others, not expecting anything in return. It is our job to aquire charity during this life. Without charity, we are nothing.

Do a good turn daily!

Elder Denton II

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