Elder Cody Denton

Elder Cody Denton

Sunday, August 7, 2011

01/24/11 - Letter to the World

Buen Dia!

Today I´m really running short on time, but that´s okay, because not too much happened this last week.

Juan showed up to church yesterday which I´m super excited about. He understands the importance of going to church, reading the scriptures, and being baptized. The only thing that lacks him is being baptized! We had a good lesson with him and his brothers last week and he said that he would be baptized as long as he got a response to his prayers that he needs to do it now. I know that if he prays he will get a confirmation that he needs this.

PG-13 Today for P-Day 4 of us walked about a half-hour out to a farm where a man needed some service done. We helped him dry out some corn and bag it up. When we were done they gave us some chicken soup which was amazing, but it was the first time I´ve ever seen chicken soup made from beginning to end. First, the Señora picked up a rock and threw it at a rooster so the dogs knew which one to hunt down. Then I learned that apparently to kill a chicken, you grab it by the head and spin it around until the neck snaps. The chicken then proceeded to do a little dance until it gave up the ghost and died. Next, the kids came around and started preforming CPR on the chicken while screaming ¨¡¡¡VIVAAAA!!!¨ which translates to ¨LIIIIIVE!!!¨. When their attempts to revive the chicken failed, they lamentably scream ¨¿Por qué?¨ or ¨WHY??¨. - I´m not so sure that the last step was completely necessary...but I got a kick out of it! After a good five minutes of mourning, the chicken got put into a pot of swirling hot water. The feathers were plucked, the feet were cut, and the guts were gutted. The prepared chicken was then mixed in with some herbs, vegetables, modongo, and VOILA! Chicken Soup!

Last week Elder Christofferson from the 12 came and spoke to us. I´ll write about some cool stuff that was mentioned next week when I´ve fully understood it. One quote that I did like though (from a 70) was: a habit forgotten was never really a habit, but an obligation.

I love you all a bunch and if you have some space in your prayers, Juan could definitely use it!

Don´t let the world get you down and tell my Dad happy birthday if you see him ;) - (on the 27th)

Elder Denton II

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